Diana Valverde Mendez

  • Role: P4 Coordinator
  • Contact: dsmendez@princeton.edu
  • Bio: I’m a sixth-year PhD student working in experimental biophysics. I study diffusion inside live bacterial cells with the aim of understanding more about the physics of the inner components of the cells. I use a combination of molecular biology techniques, optics, computer vision and statistical analysis for my work. Outside of lab I love to spend time in nature: hiking, kayaking, bird watching, scrambling up piles of rocks, you name it :). I’m originally from Costa Rica and  have been in the US since the start of my PhD.
  • Region(s):
    • Southwest (AZ, NM, OK, TX)
    • International (Latin America)
  • Regional Affiliations:
    •  My sister lives in the suburbs of Austin so every year I spend some time in Texas.