About Us


The Graduate Ambassadors is an initiative born out of the Princeton Physics EDI Graduate Recruitment (EDI-GR) group. Our mission revolves around increasing the presence of URM (Underrepresented Minority) students in the Physics community.

Our program started with a strong focus on:

Strong applicants who may underrate their competitiveness or overlook Princeton and other programs.

Applicants in need of guidance throughout the application process.

Applicants who need exposure to research outside their institutions and have untapped potential.

Beginning in 20/21 academic year, this trial run featured a small cohort of Graduate Ambassadors. As of Fall 2021, the Ambassadors program is proudly an official, department-sponsored initiative.



Ambassadors host engaging webinars throughout the year, designed to assist students in:

  • Understanding the nuances of graduate school
  • Navigating crucial elements of a standout application
  • Exploring examples of effective essays and CVs
  • Gaining insights into the Princeton Department of Physics

Tailored for physics-inclined undergraduate students, our webinars serve as invaluable resources, with a special focus on those with non-traditional backgrounds or experiences. 

Prospective Physics PhD Preview (P4) Program

P4 is a 2-3 day workshop organized by the Princeton Physics Ambassadors. P4 provides tools to engage in physics research, identify your ideal graduate programs, and develop a competitive graduate application. Along the way, the P4 Scholars interact with graduate students, postdocs, and faculty from Princeton’s Physics Department. Similar to the webinars, the target audience is early undergraduate students who are considering physics graduate school. 

Check out the 2024 P4 program / application here!


We organize recruitment efforts and contacts based on regions, with most Ambassadors representing various parts of the United States and its territories. Here’s the breakdown:

West Coast and Beyond: Far West, Rocky Mountain, & International
Ambassador(s): Ryan Lee

Midwest: Southwest, Plains, & Great Lakes
Ambassador(s): Diana Valverde Mendez

East Coast: New England, Mideast, & Southeast
Ambassador(s): Hichem Bouchamaoui